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Raspberry Field Morgans Sales Listing


please refer to mare page for more pictures and CLRC (pedigree info)

prices do not include gst and gst will be charged where applicable.


Raspberry Bella Lani   2011 brown filly

One of the last fillies out of JMF Leprechaun.  She is a very friendly girl.  LOVES attention.  Easy to catch.  Has had limited halter training and groundwork .  Priced at $1500 now.  Will be ready to start in the spring and so price will change accordingly as training and saddle work increases.  Buy her now and train her the way you would like.  Breeding has Whispering High Beam, Immortal Command, and Windhover Regency. Should mature about 14.2 to 14.3 hands.



Raspberry Dancing Star 2011 Bay filly

Another JMF Leprechaun bred filly.  She has 3 crosses to Windhover Regency. Quiet , friendly, easy to catch but with minimal halter training/  ground work .  Ready to start in the spring.  $1500 now or price to increase in fall when she will be started to saddle . Should mature 14.3 to 15 hands.



SSS Lexie


1997 Broodmare.  Can be used for light riding only and would make a great beginner horse at a walk/trot , trail rides, or lead line horse.  She has been the "grandma" babysitter on our farm .  Very gentle , quiet mare that loves attention.  She loves horse hugs.

Has had several foals over the years and is an awesome broodmare.  Best mother I've seen .  She has a problem with her hip "seizing up " on her when she lays down and when she gets up limps a bit until she "walks it out" .... a little stiff moving.  Vet thinks she might be "pinching a nerve" when she lays down.  This did not seem to give her problems foaling.  She is lower in the pecking order and is just a very, very , sweet horse.  $1500 approved home only.



Raspberry Cypress #12612

2001 Bay mare.  Many hours of being packed and ridden in the mountains. Also been trained western

by Glenn Stewart. (natural horsemanship trainer) . Sadly she foundered on us 2 years ago and has not been ridden since. So far she has come back

with the help of some herbal medicine for Insulin resistance. 

We are looking for a home where you are committed to continue her special diet, herbal medicine and regular exercise. You can google HEIRO on the web for more info on insulin resistance.

She has a strong personality and does better with an experienced rider. 

We have started some exercise with her to slim her down , and hopefully will be riding her again this spring.  She does have rotation of her coffin bones but is presently moving sound.

She has never foaled.

Please see mare page for registration clrc info link.




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